Counsel and Referral Work

Paul Mann is a seasoned and experienced trial lawyer.Paul Mann is passionate about law and at ease in the courtroom.

Paul Mann therefore finds himself frequently called upon to work with other counsels’ medical malpractice cases at trial.

Counsel who have medical malpractice cases and feel that they need the experience of a senior trial lawyer should contact Paul Mann’s office as early in the action as is possible. Paul Mann will only take on cases where he is assured that the pleadings, discovery and other preliminary actions in a case provide all the information and documents required to allow him to adequately represent the case at trial.

Paul Mann also provides telephone consultations and encourages counsel to call early, ask for help and ensure that the best result can be brought about for victims of medical malpractice.

Paul Mann respects referrals and requests that counsel contact him as soon as possible to ensure that deadlines are met and all documentation can be acquired in a timely fashion.