How a Medical Malpractice Case Proceeds

It is imperative that should you feel you have a medical malpractice case that you speak with a lawyer within the limitation period, to ensure that your case may commence. You should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that the limitation period is met. During the first interview Paul Mann and Sean Hayward will review the law as it applies to the case and answer any questions you may have about the litigation process.

Paul Mann and Sean Hayward investigate each case thoroughly, so time is of the essence. They will want to ensure that all the medical records and notes related to the matter are thoroughly reviewed. The firm has a reputation for seeking the opinions of leading experts in the fields related to its client’s cases. The firm works with experts in leading hospitals in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom to establish the best possible evidence for your case.

If retained, Paul Mann and Sean Hayward will meet with you and review the results of their investigations and opinions and advise whether they feel that the burden of proof can be met and the potential success of the case going forward.

Medical malpractice actions are lengthy and costly, and as such clients may choose to arrange for a contingent fee agreement (such an agreement means that clients will be responsible for the disbursements on the case however Paul Mann and Sean Hayward’s legal fees will be paid only at the successful conclusion of the case).

The maximum contingency fee charged for medical malpractice actions is 33.33%.

The firm offers a reduced contingency fee for actions that resolve without proceeding to trial.

In determining the appropriate percentage of the contingency fee, the firm considers several factors, including the likelihood of success, the nature and complexity of the claim, the expense and risk of pursuing it, the amount of the expected recovery and who is to receive an award of costs.

Paul Mann is an experienced trial lawyer. Paul Mann and Sean Hayward are comfortable in a courtroom and have no hesitation going to trial.